Introduction: LED Blinking Light With Arduino

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You will first need to install Arduino on your computer and have the starter kit.

Step 1: Materials

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Arduino UNO

USB cord


Resistor 300 ohm

Led light


Step 2: Assembly

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Plug the USB to your computer
Get the breadboard
Put the light under the red line
Put a wire under the first spot you see under the light.
Get the resistor and put it under the wire. The wire is connected to the Arduino UNO on D2
Put the other end of the resistor under 2 spaces of the other end of the resistor
Get another wire and place it under the resistor and the other end put the wire at the bottom
Get another wire and put it next to the other wire. Put this wire on the Arduino and connect it to gnd
Connect the USB to your computer.

Step 3: Code

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You need a code in order to make the light blink
See photo above for code
Upload it and the light will blink

Step 4: Result

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Troll547 (author)2014-12-31

I never knew you can make a light blink with your computer!

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