This insturctable will show you how to make an empty pill bottle into a beacon using a few readily available electronic pieces, very little soldering expierence, and, of course, an empty pill bottle.

Why would anyone want to use this?

I thought about this one evening. I am a night owl in my home and am always the last to goto sleep. I try not to disturb the rest of my family the best I can. Sometimes though I need to remind myself to do something before I goto sleep like, put my clothes from the washing machine into the dryer. With this little device that takes took about 15 minutes to make, and is reusable, I can remind myself of something I need to do without waking my family with timers or alarms.

This is a great way to recycle little clear or colored bottles and jars. It is pretty bright in the dark so you will see it when the light is turned out. There are many different little led bottle and jar lights on instructables. Check them out!

Step 1: Parts and Tools

Here is a listing of parts and tools needed.

*An empty pill bottle or another small bottle with plastic lid.
(Metal lids are possible just be sure to have a drill and
bits to make the hole for the switch.)
*One 3v Button Cell Battery.
*One 3v Button Cell Battery Holder.
*One Red Blinking LED (MAX Voltage = 5v)
*One ON/OFF Micro Toggle Switch
*One or Two Small Washers
*One Piece of Tracing Paper or Other Translucent Paper

- Total for parts was roughly $10.00US -

*Soldering Tool
*Small Pliers
*Small Screw about the diameter of the switch neck.
*Screwdriver for above stated screw.
*Suitable Work Surface
*Helping Hands with Soldering Tool Holder.(Not necessary, but
could you post another photo?&nbsp;it's a bit fuzzy and hard to see, great instructable!&nbsp;i'm going to make some of these for a bike light :)<br />
&nbsp;I sat here and watched the video that was with the instructable and i thought &quot;What if I didn't use the tracing paper?&quot; i wanted to know if anyone has tried this, and if they could tell me the outcome of their &quot;Bottle Beacon&quot;.
You could save a switch by rigging the bottle cap to twist to turn on or off like some flashlights. It would also work towards improved water-resistance if that mattered for some reason. (I'm picturing a "bread crumbs" in the dark sort of use.)
I been 'trolling' through instructables for over a year and always just imagined doing some of the projects. I've never commented or posted before. Until now. This inspired me to make one. I did it and love it. I decided to use two white and two pink leds in a blue water bottle using three AAAs It gives off a great tye-die light. However, I made the mistake of using a pressure sensitive button instead of a switch. I thought that the on/off would be just flipping it upsidedown on the button using gravity and the weight of the bottle to turn on the light. It works on a table, but carrying it around is a bit awkward. My next one will a switch. Thanks for this instrucable. This inspired me to make more.
Hey I tried that its really cool, but I did it with wireS and didn't worry about the battery holder. I just solded the wires to the switch and attached it to the battery and the L.E.D flasher. AND IT WORKS!! I saved my self around $4 AUD (Australian Dollars)
That is great it worked! The battery holder was a little bit of a splurge while picking parts. Sorry it took awhile to get back. Thanks again
Cool! Great Instructable! Thanks Joe
Thanks! I have been out of town this weekend and spent 20 hours of it driving. Gave me time to think of some new ways to present this idea. Check back!
Oh, it's a bottle beacon. I thought it said bottle of bacon. Well done instructable, good pictures (some were a little fuzzy, but I've seen MUCH worse here) and clear instructions. I would think lightly sanding the outside of the bottle instead of using tracing paper would diffuse the light just as much without reducing the light as much. If your LED is bright enough, this could be used as a more environmentally responsible alternative to a highway flare. Good job, but now I'm wanting bacon.....
IT'S BACON!!! Bacon makes EVERYTHING better!
Everything is better with BACON AND CHEESE! This beacon could remind you it is ready in the dark!
The road service here have things that attach to traffic cones, they're big rechargeable lights that flash, I keep meaning to nick a few... I saw bacon at first and was excited about bacon bottles...
Great design! I was looking for something like this on Instructables 2 months ago. I wanted to mark tent stakes in the night. Last time I went camping, every kid who walked by tripped on my tent stake. So I was looking for something water proof (for rain) and crush proof (from feet).
Very nice, I like it. I've also found that the best way to get the paper of a bottle or jar is to soak it in hot water for about an hour, then it pretty much falls off.

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