LED Bottle Glorifier





Introduction: LED Bottle Glorifier

I have made alot of projects using Led's I love them to death.. Here I built a Bottle Glorifier somthing you would see in a Bar one Day it will be in mine. I love to see the different color lights I'll share more with you guys soon ...So this is my first post! Great site I love looking around on here and I hope you all enjoy my Instructable as well!

very simple I got 12volt 20'inch led strip in line power switch and ac/dc power plug I built a wooden framed box and then covered in in 3/8 glass and questions please feel free to ask Thanks for checkin it out!



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    How exactly did you attach the glass to the wood? and where did you put the lights inside the box?

    I like your project. Do you have more pictures.And do you want to make a turorial from this. Sorry for my bad english

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    It's been a long time since I've been on the site what can I help you with Jeffrey?

    Nice idea.
    We installed UV lights in a couple of our drink chillers when we had our pub; some of the pre-mixed drinks & fruit juices had a truly weird glow & the white palstic fridge lining looked great.