Picture of LED CD Spindle
I was just sitting around looking for something to put LEDs in and I tried this. It looks great next to a computer and there are many possibilities for this.
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Step 1: Gather Materials

Picture of Gather Materials
First of all you need these items:
CD Spindle
3 Superbright LEDs
An appropriate resistor for current
9v Battery
9v Battery Snap
Extra Wire

Step 2: Gather Tools

Picture of Gather Tools
Gather the necessary tools:
Solder Gun
Appropriate Drill Bits that have same diameter of LEDs
Safety Goggles

Step 3: Drill holes in CD Spindle

Picture of Drill holes in CD Spindle
greengmod 023.jpg
Drill holes on spindle the same diameter as LEDs so that they will fit snugly as shown.

ONLY DRILL 3, I Drilled too much!!!!

Step 4: Stick LEDs in it.

Picture of Stick LEDs in it.
Put the LEDs face down inside the holes that were drilled.

Step 5: Connect wires

Picture of Connect wires
greengmod 018.jpg
greengmod 020.jpg
greengmod 021.jpg
1. Solder the 9v battery snap's negative wire to the switch.

2. Solder the switch to the resistor.

3. Solder the cathode (negative pole) of one LED to the resistor.

4. Solder the anode (positive pole) of the same LED to the cathode of another LED.

5. Repeat Steps 2+3 for all of the LEDs.

6. At the last LED, solder the anode to the 9v battery snap's positive wire.

7. You are finished!!!

Step 6: This is the finished product

Picture of This is the finished product
Enjoy the cool colors of the spindle. Add on to your heart's delight.
Just had to point out that you got the CD-Rs from Circuit City, Nexxtech, a Circuit City brand. :P You should add a CD spindle from an old CD-ROM drive, and make some spinny LEDs!
Kaiven6 years ago
Interesting, but does it do something besides glow nicely? Maybe I just don't get it (got back from school)