Introduction: LED CONTEST

Hey guys today I am going to explain to you how to make LED light Art, Basically if you have a decent camera you will know you hae shutter speed priority thats all you need is that and LED TORCH and imagination and away you go.

Step 1: LED Contest Entry

First step would be to grab a camera which has a slow shutter speed settings i set my shutter speed settings to "3 seconds, this way it wont be open to long for too much light to come in and not to short for it to be to dark so just right, you however can adjust it to whatever you want. Also you should have a timer on your camera, i set mine to 10 seconds gives me enough time to set up and decide what im going to do, however if you have a friend or family member willing to help all the better.

Step 2:

second step is to grab an LED torch any one will do, you can go to your local bargain store and snag one up for like £1.00 or $1.00 I bet. I had this one lying around the house and stole it off my dad for a couple of hours.

Step 3:

Get your imagination together. (Important step, no image is needed for this step because your imagination should be doing the work ;)

Step 4:

Create Light Art, after you have created your ight art show it off to loved ones, hey guys this one is for you because i love instructables.



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    Here's something fun to try- if you set the flash to go off before you take the photo, you can get the background (and yourself) in the photo. Stand where you want to appear, wait for the flash to go off and then do your light painting. I've had some fun with this technique :)

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    Sorry mate, im not being dull I dont understand what you meen haha ? sorry if it sounds stupid ?:P but im in the photos just u can hardly see me haha

    Thanks for commenting mate



    Quite right, you do appear- but dimly. If you set the flash, it will go off at the start of the exposure so you will be well lit in the photo, but you then have the rest of the exposure to do your painting. That lets you get images like this one or this one.

    Haha, thats a really good idea acctually i will try and find other colours tonight :P

    Thankyou for commenting


    cool! would love to see what you could do with multiple colors too!