LED CUBE Arduino 5x5x5





Introduction: LED CUBE Arduino 5x5x5

5x5x5 LED CUBE Arduino Uno, using only 3 pins of Arduino, 6 shift registers 595N

Step 1:


Step 2:

Arduino Uno
125x Leds

6 x 74HC595N

5 x BC337

5 x 10 Ohm resistors

290 tiepoints breadboard

810 tiepoints breadboard

prototype board 6x8 cm

6 x AA batteries

6AA battery box

2.54 male header

wires (male to male, male to feemale)

Step 3:

Step 4:



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Is there anyone who managed to make the code work? I used the same schematics and I can't get the cube to work with the code which Eagle199393 posted in this instructable.

What are the steps for doing this one?

plzz someone send me the full code cause i can't get it
thanks :D

what a Transistor to replace BC337N ????

I'm don't understand STEP 1

can you send me : connection diagrams foot 74HC595

thanks you so much!!!!

There is no error in the code, but he has connected some pins on HC595N that not show in the figure, such as
pin 16 on each HC595 to VCC and pin 8 on each HC595 to GND.
You just have connected these pin and it'll work.

Code still doesnt work. does anyone have an alternate code? I built this for a school project and it doesnt work...

Can anyone provide the correct code please? o/

who can provide the correct code?