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You know those wonderful candles that have a timer with the led light? I love just those candles! But…I think, they look so plain. No character. So I got the courage up to plump them up a bit. I took some white taper candles I had from Christmas and gathered up the candles, coffee can, spoon and sauce pan. I covered the counter area by the stove with a couple of brown paper bags. Remember to cover your (fake) candle wick inside candle. I used a piece of the bag, no big deal, it came out easily.

Step 1: Melting the Wax

Step 2: Adding the Wax

Step 3: Finishing Up!

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I really love the look of these. They don't look fake. I like the way the candle holders turned out also....they were all done with Rustoleum Mirror Effect. I used gold on the center one, and silver on the others.Just a note: Last night I came home and all the candles were lit up....Gorgeous!!! The beautiful lite that comes through the wax is stunning! I ended up and have done 21 makeovers.


triple_t_s (author)2017-03-04

This instructions are incomplete. I don't see step 1 nor step 2???

parisusa (author)2016-07-27

I love these too but they are very plain. What a great idea! They look just like real candles now!

kelleyscuties (author)parisusa2016-07-28

Thank you Parisusa! Wait till you see them lit will love them even more!

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