LED Car Searchlight




Introduction: LED Car Searchlight

In the year 2003 the hype about "high power" LEDs begun. I bought a lot of them, without any idea what to do with them.

Now I've found one project to use 6 5W LEDs.

Sometimes I need light when I'm around with my car. So I created a searchlight for the standard 12V plug in the car.

Step 1: Milling of the Housing

At first I've milled a housing for the LEDs. The fins are not calculated, I just did it that it look nice.

Step 2: Turning of the Housing and Caulking

After the Milling I've turned out the pocket for the LEDs. Furthermore I've caulked the housing against Water. The o-ring is from a KTM motorbike it was the only suitable to buy as a private person.

Step 3: Make a Handle

For the handle I've used a old billiard cue. I've only cut it to the right length.

Step 4: Electrical Stuff

As already mentioned, I've used 6 5W LEDs with either a 30° or 15° beam angle. The power supply is a DC/DC converter for laptop computers. The output is rated to 12V. It isn't specialized for the usage with LEDs but I trust in the thermal mass of the housing.



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