Step 7: Install LED chandelier

Picture of Install LED chandelier
Because this LED chandelier is not as bright as the incandescent chandelier, the best location to install this LED chandelier is in the hallway.  

To install your new LED chandelier:
-turn off all power where you going to install the LED chandelier
-use the wire stripper to cut the male plug off the LED string light and strip 1/2" of the two wires (has no ground wire).  Don't cut the female plug on the string light, leave it. 
-The two wires have no polarity which means you can connect either wire to positive or negative. Connect either one wire to positive (usually white or red) and other to negative (usually black). 
-Secure the LED chandelier like you would for a normal ceiling light.
-after your done, turn the power back on.
-Switch on your new LED chandelier and be surprised.
This is just too awesome. I too have a used and working LED Sting Light, and an LED Flexible Tube light. This is just the perfect method to utilize it.
Also i have another suggestion. you get vegetable Stainers that are pan shaped and have holes drilled in them to strain water, i was thinking even that could be used, as they to are in a circular fashion, and also might coz a Petal Pattern.
Anyways, this is definitely worth a try. Will post the pictures here once i am done with it.