Introduction: LED Chaser Using Raspberry Pi

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Hello everyone

Today I will make a LED chaser using raspberry pi.

Step 1: Things That Are Required

1) Raspberry pi

2) 10x LED's

3) Breadboard

4) Jumper wires

Step 2: GPIO Pins

Picture of GPIO Pins

Before beginning lets get some idea about GPIO pins in raspberry pi.

GPIO stands for General-Purpose Input/Output. These pins are a physical interface between the Raspberry pi and the outside world.

There are 40 pins on the Raspberry pi (26 pins on previous models), and they provide various different functions.

Step 3: Circuit Diagram

Picture of Circuit Diagram

Step 4: Python Code

Picture of Python Code

I have used nano editor to write the code.

$ nano

write the code then press ctrl + x and save the code.

Run the code using

$ python3

To stop the execution

ctrl + c


Romzi Syauqi Naufal. made it! (author)2017-08-12

Interesting articles, can Romzi apply on Raspberry pi 3, i think better should have a resistor :-D :-)

mrworth (author)2017-06-07

I agree...this really should have resistors...

nigel.trewartha (author)2016-11-23


I think one ought to use a 330 Resistor on each LED to limit current.

Adil95 (author)nigel.trewartha2016-11-23

Yes, you can use a resistor.

nigel.trewartha (author)Adil952016-11-23

That should be a must...otherwise too much current flows from the GPIO.

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