Picture of LED Climbing Holds
Wall copy.jpg
My friends and I had the idea to build a climbing wall using climbing holds with embedded LEDs instead of taping holds to indicate routes. In the spirit of "go big or go home", we decided to build a really big wall for Burning Man!  We're excited to use the wall for even more cool things there -- like visualizing music and playing climbing games! (The completed wall is the third picture -- it was a pretty sweet experience!)

We've been iterating on design and manufacturing for the holds for the past few months and finally locked down on design, materials, and electronics. This Instructable will teach you how to make one of these holds, how to mount it to a wall you build, and how to control the holds to set a route or have a light show dance party (our system is controllable by anything from an Arduino to a professional lighting system, and a lot of things in between.). I will also explain some design decisions we made along the way. We will not be going over how to build a climbing wall; there are some excellent Instructables already on how to build a climbing wall, and I encourage you to look over those for ideas.

To start, all of our code to control the lights and Eagle files for the boards (both open source!) can be found on our github page
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M3G1 year ago
Amazing idea. Taped routes aren't always clear, but this idea leaves no doubt as to what to follow, and looks awesome at the same time!
jongscx1 month ago

Have you explored any methods of detecting when someone is using a hold?

gabrieltaft1 month ago

Very well done! I want to try this.

These look great and wonderful idea, this must have been a good time!

Rajat Cool1 month ago

Awesome ible.Very unique.

jbowers133 months ago
If there is no reason with this set up to embed the led in the hold - place it in the wood next to the tnut
justbennett11 months ago

climbing games. What great possibilities.

mowglee1 year ago

trying to get hold of the guys who made these can you reply with email address please would like to have these made

ktbman1 year ago
Nice but how about some led clip draws for leading.....
GreyJay1 year ago
redvandan1 year ago
love it, nice work.
canida1 year ago
These are beautiful!
adillbeck1 year ago
I wonder if you could mix in small translucent plastic beads or something to use as a filler in order to use less plastic?
If the beads were colored it might make for an interesting effect as well.
Lazy Glen1 year ago
I've spent maybe 30 minutes total on a climbing wall - but when I saw this and read your description, the first thing that popped into my head was: "CLIMBING WALL TWISTER!"

"Right foot BLUE!"
Mave_Rick1 year ago
EDM and climbing. You guys are awesome.
Matt Carl1 year ago
This is just one of those ideas that once someone show you, you're like, "why the hell didn't I think of that?!" I could totally see this being an industry standard for rock climbing gyms
Breygon1 year ago
cool. night time climbing!