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So one day I was thinking hmm, its quite hard to see in this closet.  Any time you go into the closet the light is directly behind you, and you cant see anything.  So I had the idea to rig up some LED lighting.  I got some 12v Warm White LED strip lights of ebay
Stuck them to the wall around the inside of the door.  I then took a miniature limit switch and glued it to the door track, it is wired in line with the power supply, so the LED's are only on when the door is open.  It is currently plugged into an outlet just outside the closet.  But I'm thinking that I may install a power source in the closet.


fw3d (author)2016-10-18

Nice one! Can you share more information about the way you made the switch? Did you use magnets? I'm looking into doing the same thing in my closet.


dhdesignworks made it! (author)fw3d2016-10-18

Hey there, I actually just used a small snap acting single pole double throw micro switch (see pic below) you could use any switch you think might work, a magnetic reed switch would work as well. Just take into account the mounting and if you need it normally open, or normally closed when finding a switch. In my case, I used normally closed, so when the door opens, and the switch returns to the normal state, it is normally closed. Hope this helps, let me know if you have any other questions.

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