This tutorial shows how to control a LED with your Android using Droid Ei . 

Droid Ei is a free platform where you can remotely control your accessory using a smartphone.  You need to install the Droid Ei app in your Android mobile. Goto http://www.droidei.com/ , create a account.

Read http://www.droidei.com/tutorial.php

Step 1: Upload Droid Ei Emulator to Your I/O Board

This section assumes you are familiar with the Arduino application and the process of uploading new programs ('sketches') to the I/O board. If you are new to Arduino, please first see the Getting Started section for your platform (Mac, Windows or Linux) on the Arduino website.

1. Upload  EmulateEi code into your I/O board. EmulateEi is common for all project.

    EmulateEi is found in this URL
    Copy it and burn it into your Arduino MEGA ADK.
<p>This aint working for me i get error messeges when i press the button on my phone</p>
<p>Did you compiled your project?</p><p>1.Goto your account in <a href="http://www.droidei.com" rel="nofollow"> www.droidei.com</a></p><p>2.Open your project</p><p>3.Click on 'Save', then click 'Compile' from top right menu.</p>

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