Picture of LED Control Using Arduino, Android, Droid Ei
This tutorial shows how to control a LED with your Android using Droid Ei . 

Droid Ei is a free platform where you can remotely control your accessory using a smartphone.  You need to install the Droid Ei app in your Android mobile. Goto , create a account.

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Step 1: Upload Droid Ei emulator to your I/O board

Picture of Upload Droid Ei emulator to your I/O board
This section assumes you are familiar with the Arduino application and the process of uploading new programs ('sketches') to the I/O board. If you are new to Arduino, please first see the Getting Started section for your platform (Mac, Windows or Linux) on the Arduino website.

1. Upload  EmulateEi code into your I/O board. EmulateEi is common for all project.

    EmulateEi is found in this URL
    Copy it and burn it into your Arduino MEGA ADK.

Step 2: Creating a new project on Droid Ei

Picture of Creating a new project on Droid Ei
After registering in, login to your Account and follow these steps.

1. Click on New Project. Name you new project as LED Control.

2. Add a new button from Add Objects on the top right of the window.

3. Click on the Button to edit the event & button style. Rename to 'ON'

4. Add this event digitalWrite(3,HIGH); ( You can use any pin ).

5. Do similar for 'OFF' Button with this event digitalWrite(3,LOW);.

6. Arrange the button position by dragging them.

7. Click on Save to save your project.

8. Click on Upload to make your program ready for Droid Ei mode.

Now your project is ready to execute.

Step 3: Wire a LED to your I/O board

Picture of Wire a LED to your I/O board
Wire up the LED with the I/O board to right pin you mentioned in code.

Here i set the pin number as 3.
kjsrocks1 year ago

This aint working for me i get error messeges when i press the button on my phone

aprabhakar (author)  kjsrocks1 year ago

Did you compiled your project?

1.Goto your account in

2.Open your project

3.Click on 'Save', then click 'Compile' from top right menu.