LED Costumes Controlled by App


Introduction: LED Costumes Controlled by App

About: we formed a small team of 3 and started tinkering. By far, We have DIYed a luminous LED dance clothing controlled by a simple APP. You can upload the pictures in the APP and the picture will show in your clo...

Leave your image in the comments and we will show you how it looks on it!



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    R.I. Dance is what we called for this working system.

    It can train different actions to control different effects. It delivers unique and intelligent LED lighting choreography options to today's dancing consumer. Because after your training you can shake the bracelet and it will change the pattern.


    This is fun! You could do a lot of cool things with it :)

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    Yes~we quite happy with that! We do a lot of fun patterns, changing the pattern on RI(we call it) is as easy as changing wallpaper on smartphones.