Step 3: Creating the vertical rows of LEDs (positive)

Picture of Creating the vertical rows of LEDs (positive)
join levels 2.jpg
join levels 3.jpg
Now the three horizontal levels must be attached from the vertical rows, which are the anodes.

In this case the level of the top is attached to the board where they made the holes.
Weld in the center of the cathode terminal, an enameled wire so that it is long to reach Veroboard.

The following relates to grasp the 2nd level which is fixed to the board, solder to all the anodes of the LEDs that were upright, overlapping about 10mm between these two levels.

After being welded, as can also weld the central cathode in order to reach the Veroboard.

With the lower level, the process is similar to the 2nd level

Here we have the hub already fitted and can follow links in the construction of Veroboard.

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