Step 4: Making the cube, solder the layers

We make the cube in 4 layers of 4x4 leds, then solder them together.

Create a layer:
  • Put in the LEDs along the back and along one side, and solder them together
  • Insert another row of LEDs and solder them together. Do one row at a time to leave place for the soldering iron!
  • Repeat the above step 2 more times.
  • add cross bracing in the front where the led rows are not connected.
  • Repeat 4 times.
tboultwood12 years ago
For the metal bracing, what sort of wire did you use? Not sure on what to buy for that :S Great guide!
mechbot4 years ago
step 4 picture 4

quote "since we bent all the cathodes in the same direction, there will be one sticking out to the side. just leave it for now"

i can't seem to find what you did with that cathode that sticks out, it isnt explained in the steps what to do with it later, can you tell me what you did with it?
It's used for testing but is not all that necessary. It's used as an extension for a ground wire to hang off of but there's no real reason for it since you can do the same testings with any other position on the layer. Keep it for now, but cut it off when you're all finished.
That cathode is used in conjunction with the active anodes. When this and your anodes are active it causes that layer to light. This allows you to light each layer individually.

I think.