Theses LED cubes are actually easier to make than you might think. If you take it one step at a time this project is not that difficult. That being said I did not right the adruino code for this. There are many codes out there to make the lights light up differently. This cube is a 4x4x4 which means 64 leds total. basically you will have four rows. You will make one row at a time then connect all four rows. The bottom row of leds will have the 16 positive pins stick out down word, and each of these will have 4 leds soldered in the isle there in. All of the ground in each row are connected. Then each row gets connected to it's on ground. So you will have 16 wires coming from the cube for inputs. theses will go to the aurdino with a resister inbetween for each one. 16 resistors total. Then from the cube will be 4 seperate wires for the ground wires one for each row. 20 wires total coming from cube to the aurduino.

Step 1: Tools and Supplies:


solder iron


power supply

wire stripper

needle nose pliers



bread board

piece of wood






<p>I wonder why you use the analog pins for the ground pins. Would you mind share the Arduino code too?</p>
<p>So is the DC power supply just to power the Arduino? Thanks for the post I enjoyed reading.</p>

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