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This is a normal LED Cube. Only his base is something special. I printed it with my 3D Printer.

Step 1: Parts

This Led Cube is inspired by the LED Cube from GreatScottLab. I desinged a new base for this cube. GreatScottLab can explain better how a Led Matrix work than I (and his english is better).

But if you have any questions, just ask. I'm happy when I can help you.

Step 2: Program

I build a small Program for my led cube. I use a arduino mega for controling the leds.

Step 3:


braytonlarson (author)2015-06-18

Cool design! Doesn't really have a place in the home automation contest though does it..?

Lukas_m5 (author)braytonlarson2015-06-19

It's worth a try

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