Sew your own LED bracelet and wear it!
Your bracelet will light up when you snap it together and close the circuit.
Sew your circuit, and then decorate it how you like!

If you're teaching this as a workshop, use my one-sheet pdf file below.

Check out the Seahawks and Valentine's Day variations!

I would like to thank Kylie Peppler of Indiana University for her inspiration and collaboration.

Step 1: Materials

a - conductive thread, 2 yards
b - needle threader
c - sewing needle (embroidery size 7)
d - battery holder
e - CR2032 coin cell battery
f - LED
g - hole snap ("innie")
h - prong snap ("outie")
(g and h are available as sets. I used size 3 snaps.)

Felt, 1 sheet for bracelet body (and 1 contrast color for embellishment)
Round nose pliers

Embellishments (optional)
Fun shapes for embellishment
Regular thread or embroidery floss
Beads and buttons
Fabric glue

Additionally, you may use clear nail polish to prevent the conductive thread from fraying.

Oh, these are nice!
Thank you!

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