Step 7: Troubleshooting

The main problems you're likely to encounter are getting Processing and the arduino to talk to each other. Make sure you install the arduino software - this will bring with it all the necessary serial libraries. You can find avoid problems with the circuit by testing as you go - test each LED, then each strand, then each transistor set. If all else fails go back to this to diagnose where the problem lies.

Now that I've managed to squash all the bugs from my own setup, I can't think of what they were off the top of my head. Post any problems you have, as I probably ran into them and have since forgotten.
vandamsel5 years ago
 I guess I have done everything correctly in adding libraries and stuff but when I run the sketch, I get an empty box which is supposed to detect sound. I tried to change the source as "file" but still same empty box pops up. Any ideas with that? Thanks.
 Problem solved by verifying serial port of the arduino.

bryansparks6 years ago
What Arduino must I get!!? this is so complicated!!! not the best idea for a first timer. thanx!
erinbanwell6 years ago
ive got it all hooked up but processing doesnt seem to be getting through to the arduino. do i need to change the serial port number in the code somewhere to match the port im using? any help would be great. thanks, erin