Step 2: Materials

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You will be able to find most of these materials at your local hardware store- or you may already have them!

~~22-4 cable (low voltage wire) we recommend a stranded control cable or security wire you can use larger 18-4 AWG but you may find it is harder to solder to the strips as the wires are much bigger

~~LED flexible strip- we used 12v waterproof RGB flexible LED strips for underneath the stair tread of the platforms, and regular water resistant 12V RGB flexible LED strips for underneath the railings and gazebo top.  (We figured that the stair treads could be exposed to more water, from splashing rain or a snowy winter.  However, the lights under the railings were not likely to get wet very often).

~~Wire cutters/strippers

~~Soldering gun and rosin core solder

~~Pliers and splice connectors (especially if you don't like to solder)

~~Drill with long 1/4" drill bit to go through deck posts

~~Caulking gun and 100% silicone (Quality silicone like the type you would use for windows, doors, and gutters)

~~You can also use 1/2" plastic or coated wire staples to hold up the strip if you do not want to use the self adhesive/silicone

~~some wire nuts, an extension cord, electrical tape and zip ties may come in handy as well
JermsG5 years ago
Nice instructable.

I have a couple of points about the sentence:
"...even being covered in snow in northern climates where under the railings are raillery going to get wet"
 - I think by "raillery" you mean "rarely"?
 - You can always tell a northern-hemisphere author, when they think that it snows more in the north than in the south. Depends how far south you go, dude!