Picture of LED Desklamp Conversion
While clearing my store, i found  my old desk lamp, non working desk lamp. Despite repairing, i rather convert it to LED which is better brightness and energy efficient too.
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Step 1: Disassemble the lamp

Picture of Disassemble the lamp
The parts of desk lamp when dismantled. 

Step 2: PCB Design and Stickering techniques

Picture of PCB Design and Stickering techniques
LED 0010.JPG
LED 0012.JPG
LED 0013.JPG
The circuit and LED arrangement are made using PCB software.From the software using P-Cut machine the layout of circuit are made

Step 3: Board preparation

Picture of Board preparation
After submerge the board into the ferric chloride acid, the remaining sticker are removed to reveal the copper trace

Step 4: LED Board Preparation

Picture of LED Board Preparation
LED 0036.JPG
The board are stick with chrome sticker as reflector and and drilled for LED

Step 5: LED soldering

Picture of LED soldering
LED 0038.JPG
LED 0039.JPG
LED 0041.JPG
LED 0042.JPG
The LED used here are piranha type from ebay. just about MYR 0.25 each.

Step 6: LED Board mounting and finishing

Picture of LED Board mounting and finishing
LED 0044.JPG
LED 0046.JPG
The completed LED board wire soldered and mounted using copper stand to the plastic body.

Step 7: Power supply

Picture of Power supply
LED 0026.JPG
LED 0027.JPG
LED 0031.JPG
All components used as power supply for the LED lamp.
Just a simple LM7805 voltage regulator circuit.
after all components soldered and tested, the board and transformer are mounted back into the base.

*transformer used here are salvaged from old radio. Heavy transformer makes the lamp more stable

Step 8: Assembly

Picture of Assembly
LED 0049.JPG
LED 0054.JPG
All arm and lamp parts are assembled as original condition with proper wire dressing.

Step 9: Circuit Board set-up

Picture of Circuit Board set-up
LED 0056.JPG
the power supply board and power transformer are screwed and mounted properly with proper arrangement for cover.

Step 10: Testing and finishing

Picture of Testing and finishing
LED 0058.JPG
LED 0061.JPG
Excess silver shining sticker removed, and the lamp are tested
Ready to light...