Picture of LED Desklamp Conversion
While clearing my store, i found  my old desk lamp, non working desk lamp. Despite repairing, i rather convert it to LED which is better brightness and energy efficient too.
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Step 1: Disassemble the lamp

Picture of Disassemble the lamp
The parts of desk lamp when dismantled. 

Step 3: Board preparation

Picture of Board preparation
After submerge the board into the ferric chloride acid, the remaining sticker are removed to reveal the copper trace

Step 4: LED Board Preparation

Picture of LED Board Preparation
LED 0036.JPG
The board are stick with chrome sticker as reflector and and drilled for LED

Step 7: Power supply

Picture of Power supply
LED 0026.JPG
LED 0027.JPG
LED 0031.JPG
All components used as power supply for the LED lamp.
Just a simple LM7805 voltage regulator circuit.
after all components soldered and tested, the board and transformer are mounted back into the base.

*transformer used here are salvaged from old radio. Heavy transformer makes the lamp more stable