Introduction: LED Desklamp Conversion

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While clearing my store, i found  my old desk lamp, non working desk lamp. Despite repairing, i rather convert it to LED which is better brightness and energy efficient too.

Step 1: Disassemble the Lamp

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The parts of desk lamp when dismantled. 

Step 2: PCB Design and Stickering Techniques

Picture of PCB Design and Stickering Techniques

The circuit and LED arrangement are made using PCB software.From the software using P-Cut machine the layout of circuit are made

Step 3: Board Preparation

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After submerge the board into the ferric chloride acid, the remaining sticker are removed to reveal the copper trace

Step 4: LED Board Preparation

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The board are stick with chrome sticker as reflector and and drilled for LED

Step 5: LED Soldering

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The LED used here are piranha type from ebay. just about MYR 0.25 each.

Step 6: LED Board Mounting and Finishing

Picture of LED Board Mounting and Finishing

The completed LED board wire soldered and mounted using copper stand to the plastic body.

Step 7: Power Supply

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All components used as power supply for the LED lamp.
Just a simple LM7805 voltage regulator circuit.
after all components soldered and tested, the board and transformer are mounted back into the base.

*transformer used here are salvaged from old radio. Heavy transformer makes the lamp more stable

Step 8: Assembly

Picture of Assembly

All arm and lamp parts are assembled as original condition with proper wire dressing.

Step 9: Circuit Board Set-up

Picture of Circuit Board Set-up

the power supply board and power transformer are screwed and mounted properly with proper arrangement for cover.

Step 10: Testing and Finishing

Picture of Testing and Finishing

Excess silver shining sticker removed, and the lamp are tested
Ready to light...


Sunny2102 (author)2015-10-04

Do you connect all LEDs parallel ? Without any resistors to 5 V (you said LM7805 ..) they should not survive.

Can you post the circuit ? I have 3 of this lamps and I'm interested in your Conversion.


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