Picture of LED Dice
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This Instructable offers a walk-though of the "Electronic Dice Kit" assembly.

This kit is available at etsy and ebay.

This kit comes with everything needed to complete the project (shown below)  including a battery.

This is a nice kit for beginners to learn to work with solder, or anyone looking to spice up a game of Monopoly...or Chess.

There is a single momentary button, when it is held, a random number will light as it would be displayed on a die.

Step 1: Installing the Trigger.

Picture of Installing the Trigger.
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The trigger is your button to cal upon a random number. While the button is held, a number will display. When you let up on the trigger, the display will go out. The button does not have polarity, and can not be wired incorrectly due to a rectangular footprint. The trigger holds it's self in the board well enough to not need help while soldering. There are four solder points which will need completed on the underside of the board to secure the trigger.
colin552 years ago
The circuit really needs current limiting resistors to the LEDs to prevent overloading the outputs of the micro.
scoochmaroo3 years ago
Awesome! You should enter this in the Father's Day Challenge!