Here's a simple, small, cheap,  yet effective tool to SAND and DIFFUSE your LEDs!

This one can actually be used for many other purposes other than sanding...

While it would have been nice to purchase a standard sander off the shelf, the issue of price as well as size proved prohibitive (as I needed it to sand just a few LEDs for my other project!)

I've added the pics of sanded and un-sanded LEDs for comparison...
I used LEDs with a wide viewing angle (120 degrees).

Step 1: What Do You Need?

Basically, You'll need a small DC motor (size really depends upon how big and powerful you want it to be!).
Also needed is a base to mount the motor over it and an extending shaft and some sort of a coupling mechanism to couple the the motor's shaft and the extending shaft. A 5g pack of Sugru should also come in handy.. Also needed would be a power supply (I used a switch mode adaptor) And off course  you'll need somesand papersto diffuse the LEDs...
(Things Bold and Underlined are necessary! ) 

In case you happen to have a DIY Mechanix (meccino) set as I did, you'll need the following:
  • RT-55 (The red base) - 01 pc.
  • BTB-5 (the L shaped brackets --- optional --- it might rattle a bit without them) - 02 pcs.
  • SH-3 (110mm shaft --- you can go with any other length for the shaft) - 01 pc.
  • R-8 (the red rims used for coupling) - 02 pcs.
  • Motor - 1 pc.MOTOR
  • A spanner and a screw driver for tightening the screws
well this is great.. u just gaved me the idea of how to connect a drill bit to a dc motor to make holes in a pcb.. <br> <br>thank you very much .. <br>great and neat instructable.. <br>u should upgrade it into a multipurpose tool..
Thanks for the nice comment! :D <br> <br>I've been thinking about it upgrading it, but that would essentially require me to replace the existing motor with one with higher torque...
Ok you needed a tool for a task and you've made it, it works, congrats. but how about just fixing the led in a drill jaws and do the same task?
That would work just the same...but you see, I didn't have any of of those fancy rotating tools then and the LEDs were required the same day...so, I had to come up with this...
Nice another thing made with mechanix set , <br>&amp; is that a mobile charger u used as a power supply?(if not i assume it could be used)
Thanks! :D<br><br>Yup!.. that is indeed a mobile charger... but not the usual one.. its a switch mode charger...
very nice and simple build, the idea is very adaptable and could have a variety of uses. Kudos sir!
&quot;sir&quot;!!! &nbsp;jeez!!!!!<br> <br> BTW, Thanks&nbsp;<a href="https://www.instructables.com/member/goodforcatfish/" rel="nofollow">goodforcatfish</a>.... &nbsp;:D &nbsp; &nbsp;I&nbsp;know it can have various other uses, but then the motor has to have some high torque!...

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