Picture of LED Doggy Lamp/Desk Organizer
Much of this Instructable is identical to this Instructable, the difference is, in the origional Instructable the Doggy Lamp/Desk Organizer contained an LED light bulb to produce light.  In this version, a number of LEDs, including a pair of tri-color LEDs and two white LED bars are used to produce light.

As a college student, I spend quite a bit of time at my desk.  The other day, when I was working on some mechanics of materials homework, I realized that my desk is quite boring.  There is a grey office supplies container and a holder for pending documents in one corner.  In the other corner there is a lamp.  Most of my desk is usually occupied by my computer and textbooks.  I realized that doing my homework might not be so dull if my desk was a bit more inspiring.  So, when I knocked my lamp off my desk and broke the switch on the back, rendering it useless, I got an idea.

A few days later, after a bit of time on SolidWorks, I designed an inspiring and friendly companion in order to begin my efforts to spruce up my desk; plus, it doubles as a much more interesting container for office supplies and as a new lamp.  I named my new friend, Spotlight, it is a pose-able, dog-shaped lamp and desk organizer.

This Instructable will show you how to make your very own Doggy Lamp/Desk Organizer to keep you company in the early morning hours as you complete your homework or latest DIY project.  Or, since the holidays are approaching, you could make a Doggy Lamp/Desk Organizer as a gift for your favorite desk-lurker.
This is truly awesome and how creative! Do you think you could you add a coat of reflective paint or whatnot to the inside of the head so as to make the light brighter/more concentrated? Sorry if I sound nit-picky;). Great instructable, and by the way, Maggie is adorable. =^..^=