Picture of LED Driver (5 LEDs)

This is a simple LED driver/power supply for 5 LEDs. Parts:
It uses the LM7812 positive voltage regulator,
2x 0.1uF Capacitors
1000uF/16V Capacitor
RBV - 406 rectifier
5 LEDs (I used transparent green)
A 12V transformer ~500mA
For Typical Forward Voltage use 78 - 100 ohms resistor for Max Forward Voltage use 15-30 ohms resistor
Spark Design PCB: http://designspark.com/page/designspark-pcb-home-page
Laser Printer
Glossy Paper

Step 1: Build it

Picture of Build it
1) Print the schematic on glossy paper and use toner transfer method. (Print only Board Outline and Bottom Copper Side)
2) Etch
3) Remove toner
4) Acquire components and solder them as showed in schematic
5) Solder power cord to primary wire windings and connect the transformer
6) Measure for shorts and insulate primary wires, check the polarity of Electrolytic capacitor and LEDs and check the rectifier and 7812
tutdude982 years ago
7812 needs more than 14V input so output with 12v input will be about 10V
Mock5 (author)  tutdude982 years ago
For a full-wave rectifier, the DC output will be 1.414 times the AC output. So the output of rectifier will be about 16V.
tutdude98 Mock52 years ago
thats peak value
With some load it would be 12V - 1.3V (voltage drop from 2 diodes) = 10.7V and if you put that on 7812 youl get approx. 9V
Ploopy2 years ago
Where did you get the transformer?
Mock5 (author)  Ploopy2 years ago
Here in romania I get it from here : http://www.mivarom.ro/catalog/index.php/transformatoare-retea-c-199?osCsid=1jltjl0e4qbktqkkglf46m1nq4
It is a 12V 800mA transformer
Ploopy2 years ago
Ploopy2 years ago
Ploopy2 years ago
Could you post a schematic picture, I'm confused