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Wanna show yourself different from others?.
Today it's my mom's birthday, therefore I wanna gift her something special other than saree, bangles, watches. SOMEHOW God gave me this idea. let's do it. The beautiful girl in the pic isn't my mom, she's my sister(My mom wasn't interested to have her pic).

Step 1: Things Required.

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1.Button cell battery ? (3 volts-CR2032)
2.LED (Any color as per your wish)

Step 2: Setup

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The CR2302 battery ?. Got 3volts which can light up an LED?. Please don't try an 1.5volt battery. That won't work, because red LED needs 2volts,whereas blue and green needs 3volts.
1.Now on looking at the battery, the side where you can see words is the positive terminal, bend the positive leg(long leg) of the LED and Stick it to the positive of the battery using a tape(if you can solder, yeah you can solder too).
2.Now insert the negative terminal inside the hole in the ear, and bend it downwards as shown in the picture.

Step 3: Final Touch

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Now just bend the battery, therefore it touches the bended negative leg of the LED. NOW WE JUST MADE A N AWESOME EAR RING WITH THE LED. BE SPECIAL. Thanks for reading.
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bhvm (author)2017-09-18

Good idea.

Simran Sharma (author)2016-01-25

nice earring

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