Picture of LED Earings

Hi Friends!

I would like to present my first instructable..."LED Earrings"

It is not really going to shine but will be a perfect example for "Best out of Waste" projects!

Usually in India,we decorate our houses using LED string during Diwali.I had a string which was not in a working condition.

Then I just thought, why not use them instead of dumping them in a garbage can. So I plucked a few LEDs from this string.

This is something weird yet beautiful...

So lets see the steps so that you can make your own for a cool party...!!!

Step 1: Materials needed:

Picture of Materials needed:

1.LEDs (usually the damaged ones)

2.Single stranded wire (10cm will be more than enough)

3.Pliers (To cut the wire and remove insulation)

4.Soldering Gun

5.Solder wire

6.Beautiful coloured beads

BLR_RAVI1 year ago
nice idea..another use of this wonderful tiny led devices
siddhi38 (author)  BLR_RAVI1 year ago

I love working with LEDs...anyways thankyou...

carlos66ba1 year ago

Looks very nice. One POTENTIAL concern is whether the wires have lead in them and whether this may be an issue. Just in case, keep out of reach of children :)

siddhi38 (author)  carlos66ba1 year ago

Hey thanks...

I would definately make sure this doesn't cause an issue...

They still look really pretty even though they don't light up anymore!

Thanks...I just loved your glowing flower headband.....