Picture of Easter Egg LED Lamp
I had two fluorescent lights blow out this week, so I took them apart ....of course!

So I put LED Tea Lights in Tea and Sake cups that my wife Laurie had thrown, and faster than a Bunny; Egg Lamps!
Happy Easter!

Step 1: Removing the Bulb

Picture of Removing the Bulb
Wearing gloves I removed the first Bulb, it came off really easy as if the glue had melted!
saosport2 years ago
yeah that is a great shape I thoughtit was a real egg at first.
kentkb (author)  saosport2 years ago
I did try some real eggs, it was messy and just too small.
saosport2 years ago
very cool havr you tried it with replacement globes from the hardware store
kentkb (author)  saosport2 years ago
Works well with all the sizes I tried, but really like the egg sized best.
Thank you! kkb
 I love this project! Great job!
kentkb (author)  swimmergirl985 years ago
 Thank you for liking my LED Lamp. I wanted to repurpose the old light parts.
It is great.
You can make it even controllable with RGB LED Lights inside the bulb.

kentkb (author)  ledlightmaker5 years ago
 I have some RGB type LED Tea Lights for the Holidaze, Will tear one apart soon too.
Swell thank you for the Comment .

smokin joe6 years ago
Wife loved it!.
kentkb (author)  smokin joe6 years ago
SJ, Thank you , My wife Laurie was one reason I made these, we used to burn real candles in the house, but went to LED's a few years back. The LED's are nice but the need to be inside something to really "Shine"!
Wow. This is very eggy. :P
kentkb (author)  CrafterCassie7 years ago
Yeah, It turned out that way. I had held on to the glass after the bulb burned out thinking there may be a use.
Even though I was expecting eggs, like real eggs, this is much more excellent. Amazing result, the Instructable was well written out, the pictures are great. Keep up the great work, I'll see if I can do this or not. And I like that Makers: thing that you have. +5/5 stars. Go eggs!
kentkb (author)  GorillazMiko7 years ago
Thank you for your comment. Something is not trash until there is no other use for it.... This was a fun one to Make too!
very professional looking! +1
kentkb (author)  stonehenge3607 years ago
Thanx, It worked out so well! kentkb
Ezara7 years ago
Those are very cute! Good idea.
kentkb (author)  Ezara7 years ago
Yeah and fun too! Kentkb
Awesomeee. I really want to try this out. Where did you get the tea LED light things? Awesome job once again, +1 rating. (added to favorites)
kentkb (author)  GorillazMiko7 years ago
The LED tea lights came from Walgreens Drug store:
http://www.walgreens.com/store/product.jsp?CATID=100770&id=prod2630034 The blinky ones are rechargable that I bought online and are called Acolyte:
They are a little Hackable too.
Thank you.
Cool! Really Simple but does the job great! A+!!
kentkb (author)  joejoerowley7 years ago
Thanx joejoe....