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Here is simple steps to convert your Rechargeable Emergency CFL light to LED  for  just 1 $

converting CFL to LED it can work up 8 to 10 Hrs. and you will be saving total energy of 75%.

Step 1: Step 1. Material

Picture of Step 1. Material
Sunca Emergency light.jpg
Existing emergency light , I had is SUNCA rechargeable  cfl light with 6 volt 4.5 ah smf battery. 2 x 6 Watt CFL

1.Power LED 1 Watt  with heat sink  - 5 Nos  x 10  =  50  Rupees
2.Resistance 10 Ohm  5 watt or 4.7 ohm 5 watt for more brightness - 1 No. x 5  =  5 Rupees

total cost is Rs. 55  in India , around 1 $ in US


GeraldV7 months ago

Wow, I had no idea you could make one of these yourself. You have some pretty easy-to-follow instructions on here too. I've been considering starting up a tow truck business. I would definitely need a lot of these lights for that. I could probably save a lot of money if I could make them or find them at a cheap dealer. The light you have on this post isn't exactly what I need, but there are some on this site that are similar to what I need: <a href='http://www.ledqusa.com' > http://www.ledqusa.com</a> Is it possible to make lights like this?

DIYTech1 year ago

I have this model of emergency light which does not have bulb option! so from where i can power my LEDs ? please guide me thank u :)

mahadevrm (author)  DIYTech1 year ago

Hi Rahib you can draw power from "Disconnect CFL connection" point as i marked in my circuit diagram

You mean directly, from the positive pin of battery?

ali3211 year ago
please tell me that resistance should be in series or parallel and if i want to power 6 leds then what will be the value of resistance?