Step 2: Step 2 - Circuit Diagram

Make the changes in wiring as shown in Circuit diagram. Radio, cassette player kept as it is, only CFL power is disconnected. and Bulb & 2 CFL has been removed.
<p>can anyone provide a circuit diagram .....plz</p>
<p>Wow, I had no idea you could make one of these yourself. You have some pretty easy-to-follow instructions on here too. I've been considering starting up a tow truck business. I would definitely need a lot of these lights for that. I could probably save a lot of money if I could make them or find them at a cheap dealer. The light you have on this post isn't exactly what I need, but there are some on this site that are similar to what I need: &lt;a href='http://www.ledqusa.com' &gt; http://www.ledqusa.com&lt;/a&gt; Is it possible to make lights like this?</p>
<p>I have this model of emergency light which does not have bulb option! so from where i can power my LEDs ? please guide me thank u :)</p>
<p>Hi Rahib you can draw power from &quot;Disconnect CFL connection&quot; point as i marked in my circuit diagram</p>
<p>You mean directly, from the positive pin of battery?</p>
please tell me that resistance should be in series or parallel and if i want to power 6 leds then what will be the value of resistance?

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