Picture of LED Flashlight Conversion 2
I have an old Russian generator flashlight that no longer worked, I figured the bulb was blown.  Rather than just replace the bulb I converted to an LED.  The LED does not use as much current so it is easier to crank the generator, and the LED will last longer than a bulb.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

Picture of Tools and Materials
Broken Flashlight

Soldering, stripping cutting tools.

Hot glue gun

4 Super-bright LED's
Rouverius1 year ago

Actually, I had a flashlight like this as well. I had hoped to do a similar project. Sadly, when I disassembled it, the cheap alloy flywheel had literally crumbled apart. Glad to know someone got to build this though.

mr1142 years ago
Wow, I actually have this exact flashlight laying around! Will give this a shot :]
ProfMuggs2 years ago
Nice job! Now that you are using less power for the LEDs, maybe you could add a capacitor and make it stay lit for longer?
russ_hensel (author)  ProfMuggs2 years ago
You could, but you would need to use a rectifier to get DC instead of the AC it is generating.
ehudwill2 years ago
Great idea setting them in wood. I will be using this one.
Orkekum2 years ago
Awesome work awesome idea!