LED Flashlight in 30 Seconds!





Introduction: LED Flashlight in 30 Seconds!

This simple, easy flashlite only takes about 30 seconds to make and uses simple housold things!!! :)  (Except for the LEDs i guess)

Step 1: Materials

you will need:
a 9V Battery
3 White LEDs
and some tape

Step 2: Twist the LEDs

Now you need to twist the three LEDs together.  Pay close attention to which one is - (negative) and which is + (Positive).  Then bend upward.

Step 3: Tape It All Up

Now just tape the connections so they don't short when you hold it!

Step 4: Done!

Now all you have to do is connect it to the 9v battery and wala! It should light up!



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    This needs a resistor or else it will burn out your leds. I've tried this design twice and both times it burnt out.

    could you do it with one LED? and solder wire to lengthen positive and negative? either that or use cell batteries? im sorry, im really inexperienced in LEDs and am trying to make a small LED light system - LED(s), rocker switch, cell batteries or lengthened pos and neg wires. to wire up to a mask :)

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    It would no twork. You would need a resistor and need to calculate the ohms needed for this resister.

    You could put one or more LEDs in parallel to a cell phone battery, was it? No, you can't just put one LED to a 9V battery, (unless you have a resistor or some other regulator.) a switch can go in between either terminal of the LED and the battery.

    Do I have to pull off the battery each time to switch off the light ? I am a novice at this stuff & I really dont understand how an 'on/off ' mechanism is built into these circuits. Can someone help?

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    In this particular set up, yes.

    yea, you just take the battery off

    dude, you can get hthem in any electriacal shop, for me it costs around $0.04 (usd)

    ya, that to...but unfortunatly, my local store has them for .50 a piece, the pack of 1000 I got off eBay was .015 an LED, Thats only one and a HALF pennies!!! :D

    You can order them off Ebay, I got a pack of 1000. also out of other things like booklights have LED's in them.

    No problems with them burning out? 9V is a little high with no resistor in the circuit. Keeping it simple is good but you probably could use a resistor (if you ask what value I'm guessing 100 ohms but there are calculator online for a better answer) You know those little LED flashlights that go for $2 - $3? They use 3 AAA so that's only 4.5 volts. You could also bundle up 3 AAA's.

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    well, this is fine for now, the third LED acts as the resistor (But the LEDs arn't at 100% brightness.)

    5 * !! What i do is generally bend the + & - ends so that the LEDs sit on the + & - of the 9v battery. that way you dont have to hold it constantly and can work even as table light / mood light / night lamp, etc. it could last upto 50 hrs.... i have some i'bles on leds.... reg, ketan

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    yea, thats nice, thanks for the comment! :)