This frisbee was intended for glow-sticks to connect to, But I found that LED's will fit into the connector thing aswell.

I used 2x3mm blue LEDs and 1x5mm green LED. They were just scavenged from other things around the house.

The LED's all connect in the middle. They also connect to a small switch, so the batteries don't die. You probably can only see the switch, because I flooded the middle with hot glue so it didn't short out.

I used 3 button cells around the connector thing to run the LED's

Amazingly, My hot glue gun failed about 20 mins after I finished hot glueing this together.
t1mmy5 years ago
 looks very familiar to the one you can get with horrible science collection. good job though.
thermoelectric (author)  t1mmy5 years ago
Wow, Atleast I know it looks a bit like a professionally made one, haha.

Thanks :-)
thermoelectric (author)  TNEN6 years ago
Yeah, lol
I want a frisbee like that!!!