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This frisbee was intended for glow-sticks to connect to, But I found that LED's will fit into the connector thing aswell.

I used 2x3mm blue LEDs and 1x5mm green LED. They were just scavenged from other things around the house.

The LED's all connect in the middle. They also connect to a small switch, so the batteries don't die. You probably can only see the switch, because I flooded the middle with hot glue so it didn't short out.

I used 3 button cells around the connector thing to run the LED's

Amazingly, My hot glue gun failed about 20 mins after I finished hot glueing this together.


t1mmy (author)2010-01-04

 looks very familiar to the one you can get with horrible science collection. good job though.

thermoelectric (author)t1mmy2010-01-04

Wow, Atleast I know it looks a bit like a professionally made one, haha.

Thanks :-)

thermoelectric (author)2009-07-04

Yeah, lol

I want a frisbee like that!!!

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