Picture of LED Frosties
Light up your cooler with some waterproofed LED lights. They're simple to make and easy to reuse.

Step 1: Light it up

Picture of Light it up
All you need is a couple dozen 10mm diffused LEDs and some CR2032 batteries. Clip the leads a little and slide the battery up between them. If it didn't light up, flip it the other way.

Now tape it up and repeat until you have a small pile of glowing lights.
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jnixon7 years ago
I love this idea! Where's a cheap place to get LEDs?
Bot1398 jnixon3 years ago
Christmas ornaments or halloween decorations when they go on sale. Most light up ones have LEDs in them.
some of the toys in many of the kids meals have toys with lights you could recycle those From Doo Da Do
Koil_16 years ago
Wow, add some small magnets and you got throwies!! ,
waterproof throwies =]
Using this tonight for New Years party :)
fungus amungus (author)  inventorjack6 years ago
Have fun with that!
nrlucre7 years ago

I bet you could do this via klee27x's "Pocket Full Of Anything""Pocket Full Of Anything" technique to make a tidier container for your LED.
You know, if you put these in the heat-sealed plastic bags, but made the bags kind of sculpted so the narrow LEDs and wider battery couldn't change places, *and* left a little air in on purpose, would these float in water?

Depending on the amount of air, could you get these to float at different levels in the pool?
fungus amungus (author)  nrlucre7 years ago
That would be nicer. I've been meaning to try some soldering iron heat-sealing for a little while now.
imarzouka7 years ago
From where did you get your LEDs fungus amungus? I've been searching for diffused 10mm LEDs with internal resistance but I couldn't find them online.

Iyad Marzouka
fungus amungus (author)  imarzouka7 years ago
We got these from here. The batteries have the internal resistance, not the LEDS.
Yea, don't buy LED's from radio shack if possible, trust me their a lot more expensive than eBay's, and they SUCK!!!! >:(
true that Radioshack blows when it comes to LED's, I bought (then returned) a 5 watt blue LED that I payed $4 for and it wasn't even that bright
Ebay is the best place. I got 50 leds + 50 batteries for about $30. Didnt have to pay customs since its marked as a "gift"
you can find them at radio shack
fungus amungus (author)  lukeair457 years ago
I've found RS LEDs to be dimmer and more expensive and have a slim selection of colors. If you want to play with LEDs, you're much better off ordering them online.
stanstan0096 years ago
wow! thats like really awesome! :D
pixelitis7 years ago
this right here - - is downright fackN awesome! - - it's a definite party.pleaser! tnx!
pestan7 years ago
I have a question. how long do they last?
fungus amungus (author)  pestan7 years ago
Several days. If you undo them at the end these can last for plenty of parties.
schmidtty7 years ago
hey looks good, nice idea, sweet effect
Learndy7 years ago
Uh? LED directly connected to battery? No resistor to regulate current???

Yesterday I had a look at a datasheet of a super-bright in another context to find out that the current is kinda exponential in voltage. Maybe a resistor of 10 Ohms or so would also help the battery to stay alive and the ice to stay firm a little longer...

Airspace V - international hangar flying!
fungus amungus (author)  Learndy7 years ago
The same exact thing is found in LED keychain lights. Squeezing pushes the leads against the battery. The CR 2032 has an internal resistance.
This is pretty cool. do you know if it's possible to put one of these down in some water and put in the freezer, so you can make a icecube with a LED inside it, or would that damage the battery?
The would be the ice bulb.
rickfmdj7 years ago
I have done this and works marvolusly with changing LEDS
CameronSS7 years ago
I wonder if it would diminish the effect to embed the LEDs in the side of the cooler (sealing with clear silicone), and have either a larger battery pack or external power. That would save on batteries, at least. This is pretty cool looking! I like the idea of the color-changing LEDs.
Now theres an idea! A cheap styro cooler, put them through the sides and secure/seal with silicone, wire'em all together, and run off a wall wort or old car battery! It would last for the life of the cooler!
Its not really original, although you do make great instructables.
who care if he is not original. Do you think your tic tac toe joule thief light is better?

ps- Itsgoofytime, if you use a webcam to make your instructables, there is a ring on the edge of the lens to change the focus. If you use a camera, there is little flower and it is call macro.

I like this instructables, simple and cool!
Wow im just saying a LED throwie in a bag is not that different.
fungus amungus (author)  Itsgoofytime7 years ago
And a throwie isn't that different from regular keychain LED lights which have been around for years before that.
true! :P
Zing... ;)
fungus amungus (author)  Itsgoofytime7 years ago
The lights are basic and have been done before, but I haven't seen them uesd as a decoration in ice before. Am I missing something?
How about this 'ible?
fungus amungus (author)  Kiteman7 years ago
That is similar and I forgot about that one. This is a quicker method and gets a different effect. If I was to quibble I would say that my usage of "in ice" can mean different things :)
I'm not knocking yours (very cool for barrels full of ice and drink-cans at a summer party) - that was just what came up when I searched for LED ice.
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