LED Ghosts





Introduction: LED Ghosts

Just in time for Halloween. Ghosts made out of old sheets and bright LEDs.

Step 1: Cut a Square Piece of Fabric

First cut a small piece of fabric then cut to small holes in the middle. Take some string and feed it through these hole and tie it. A bowline knot works well.

Step 2: Add Cotton Balls and LEDs

Make some LED throwies minus the magnets. Insert LEDs through the two top holes or just add cotton balls.
Insert an LED so that it will face the bottom of the ghost.

Step 3: Positon Ghost's Neck

Position the ghosts neck so the bottom LED is just sticking out. This will illuminate the body of your ghost.

Step 4: Tie the Neck of Your Ghost

You could use any knot for this part, but I recomend a constrictor knot. First take a piece of string and place it across your ghost's neck. Then take the right hand end and loop it around the ghost underneath the other end. Then place your thumb over the loop and loop around again, but this time over the top. Take the working end and tuck it under where your thumb is. Now take the working end and pull it through the bottom loop.

Step 5: Your Done

Now take your ghost and go have fun.



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    whyat about we that we dont do halowin in our country how will it look like to people

    5 replies

    Even if you "don't do Halloween" in your country, a ghost still pretty much tends to look like a ghost :)

    what take u so long b4 u reply ?

    Uh, because I'm not the person who wrote the instructable? Just the only one who could apparently understand what you said.

    "Uhhhhh...[<<......>>] , because I'm not the person who wrote the instructable? Just the only one who could apparently understand what you said.(I think....)"

    What on earth did you say?

    The ghost is good. I also have already made LED ghosts two years ago, similar. Originally, I want to put it into mass production, but I am not sure what the market will be. I'm in China, have a small factory.


    where can u get leds ic ant find them...like are they at staples or what?

    3 replies

    I tend to hit up ebay - got four hundred ultrabrights with resistors from a Hong Kong seller for $14 :D

    Try lsidiodes.com. Very reasonable prices and shipping. First letter is an "el".

    Doh! LSIDiodes is no longer in business.

    The collective noun is a fraid of ghosts. hee hee Actually, isn't it a flight of ghosts? Nice instructable.


    Cute idea, but why not put some throwies in the pumpkin too? Green light coming out of the jack-o-lantern would have been really spooky!

    Great idea, I can finally put my spare LEDs to good use.

    I remember making these with tissues when I was in elementary school. We would draw little faces on them and hang them on the tree in front of my house (such fond childhood memories). Great use of LEDs though.

    Awesome idea and way to use all my old rags in a ghost-LED sort of way. I like the instructable and the picture with all the ghosts, it looks cool when there are a bunch of them together in a "herd" of ghosts. (I'm not sure what you would call a group of ghosts)

    1 reply