Before i start with this LED instructable you should know that these gloves are a part of my RedBullGuard project, a suit, made out of Red Bull Cola cans. Perhaps you have seen it already, if not, have a look here:


In that CAN SUIT instructable i descriebed how to handle with cans, how to cut them and how to connect them. I used the same materials and procedures in this GLOVES instructable so i won`t describe it very detailed again. If you want to have more information about working with cans, try to find them there, or ask me.

In this GLOVES instructable i will focus more on the way i tryed to insert the LEDs in the gloves.

Step 1: Can Gloves

At first i bought some cut-resistant gloves in the building center. They are flexible but also relative robust and they hold the shape even though you connect the can pieces, the led-holder and the insulated cables with them.

The size of the gloves should be larger than your normal size. Otherwise you will have problems by taking the gloves off after they are laminated with the cans.

I cutted some cans and connected the pieces with the gloves. As you can see on the image i copyed the number of human joints with the can pieces so the mobility of the fingers is not limited.
My first idea was to connect the bulb sockets (step3/nr.:6) with the can piece at the front of the glove but it did not work so i removed the pieces at the front and choosed another way.
<p>armourtastic !!</p>
Love it. Very cool looking!
Nice Job! Could play with the placement a little and put them just above the knuckles along the back of the hand, making the use of your fingers more practical. <br><br>Did you have any issues with having the lights n your fingertips? <br><br>Could make a cool Halloween costume.

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