LED Glowing Mirror





Introduction: LED Glowing Mirror

It is my first instructables so be gentle :)

It is a simple project for decorating my bathroom.

All you need is LED ribbon, some wiring and hour or two time.

Step 1: Realization

First i solder wires on one end of the ribbon.

Than i glued the ribbon on prepared frame behind the mirror.

Than i started with plastic box for led driver. I need to make a hole in wall where i place the box.

Than i glued it in with constructional insulation foam adhesive. ( i didn't have plaster by hand). Wait till it was dry enough to cut off access.

and than was time to wire led driver on electric line. and first test.

Everything works fine. so i hang mirror an wall.

and that is it :)

Simple cheap but makes nice touch in bathroom.

Step 2: Material

I used a LED ribbon 3528SMD 60 LED/m.

While it is a only 3,6W/m - 400 lumen/m i used a lightly more powerful led driver- 25w.

For those not familiar with LED ribbons. how to choose a driver.

You check on what voltage ribbon is operating and than you check consumption per meter calculate that with your ribbon length, and you got how powerful driver you need.

Then i needed a place to put a driver behind a mirror. so i ended up with standard plastic holder for switches.

All needed electric wiring was already prepared, because it is a new bathroom, and wiring was made with that in mind.



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I like backlit mirrors like this, they look nice and add some more brightness to the room :)