LED Glowsticks





Introduction: LED Glowsticks

These glowsticks can be used anywhere you want to glow and in any colour you want. I invented them when trying to make my laptop stand more attractive. But you can use them as throwies by attaching a little magnet on it. I explained the instruction before on my Laminate Parque Laptop Stand project but this was before Let It Glow contest :D so i want to enter the contest with my LED Glowstick project. Same photos, but a separate project.

Step 1: Parts & Preparation

I used a soldering iron, some solder, some soldering paste, some straws, little piece of heatshrink tube to close up the soldered legs of LED's, a razor blade, scissors, some really strong black tape, and invisible scotch tape.

Step 2: Start to Make a GLOWSTICK

At first I added the straws together and cut a little to make them enough long for my project.
I inserted two LEDs at the ends of the straws and used heatshrink to make it tight.
You can use just one straw to make a LED glowstick throwie. On my project, power wasn't a problem but if u want to make a portable project with 3 volt batteries like CR2032 u must insert the LED just one end of the straw and close the other and with a tape or something. Or u can insert a burned (dead) LED as a mirror for more light effect.

Step 3: Finished Product

This is LED Glowstick in action on my Laminate Parque Laptop Stand project.



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I tried salt in flexible tubing as a variation. It works and no liquid to leak. Also used a thin tube threaded thru a larger one and the thinner tubing filled with salt. I think glow in the dark powder and ultraviolet led's would probably work. The led's would charge the powder and the whole tube would glow.

You can get 100 leds for $2 with free shipping off ebay...just sayin :P

Ebay is the best place to buy electronic components!

If you add fluorescent paint mixed with water inside the straws before you seal it it will provide a much smooter lighting throughout the tube. This eliminates the bright spots at the ends and the dimmer light in the middle.

Good point but where can I find the fluorescent paint?

Or you could just use yellow highlighter ink mixed with water, about 2 drops of ink per 8oz water.

Any craft or home improvement store should have it (i.e. Home Depot, AC-Moore, Lowes, Michaels).


what ki nd a heatshrink

I don't remember sorry. But classic electronics stores sells that. Black heatshrink...