LED Grow Light





Introduction: LED Grow Light

This is my first instructable, I've done a lot of things in the past but have always forgotten to photograph the steps.

Step 1:

What you need:

Some type of board that will be the base of the lamp.

LED Stripe with power supply.

Cats are always eager to lend a helping paw :P

Step 2:

Attach the LED stripe to the board, I hot glued the stripes to the board.

Step 3:

Solder connection cables to the LED stripes.

Step 4:

Hot glue the cables and soldering points for extra protection.

Step 5:

Check so that everything works.

Step 6:

Add a hanging device, I used 550 Paracord.

Step 7:

Hot glue the power supply to the top of the board and you are done.



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Hi. No use in white,green, yellow or purple. Only blue and red.

Wavelength on the led should be RED: 620-630Nm and BLUE: 460-470Nm

Normaly there is a datasheet for the led`s so you can check out if its correct for growing. Normal grow light have 66% red and 34%blue. But you should be able to change that depends of wicth period your in. Growing,Flowering, harvesting or sleep. You can check the fact by Google "LED Growlight" Good luck


Thanks for the input! It will come in handy :)

And thanks for the good wishes, It's already started to grow things in the pots :)

ledstrips dont have a high penetration potential. I wonder if it would be a better idea to glue them on sticks that you stick in between the plants

Perhaps, we'll see how this goes when we start growing. I'll get back when we have tried it out :-)

i'd be very interested in yr results. Currently I am testing a mixture of cool white and warm white CFL lamps (100 Wat total) in one setting and a single 25 Watt White LED in another setting, all on tomato, chilipepper and basil.

Ok nice, we have sowing soil (is that the correct term in English?) that we have taken inside to defrost, when it's warm enough we'll start the seedlings :)

lol. Very good attempt... Potting soil. Yours makes more sense!!

not sure it is the right term in English, but i understand what you mean

are those a special kind of led strips? i cant imagine this to work with regular rgb led strips actually, how do these strips emit the spectrum appropriate for photosynthesis? i find pretty interesting so i started looking around for info and came across https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grow_light, hence my questions..
it sure does look nice!