My sister asked me to make her a pair of gloves she found on instagram that she thought were cute. Trying to find every excuse I can to work on more e-textile projects, I decided to customize it a bit! Additionally, I'd seen instructables on how to make gloves "touchscreen compatible" before and found it to be quite simple and easy! So, here goes my second instructable. :)

**Update 12/29/12: So I left the battery in there thinking it wouldn't die if the lights weren't on, but it did. So I propose using a switch to be able to turn the gloves on and off. It's easier than taking out the battery every time like I have to do now. But I'll probably add a switch in there soon.

What it does
-  The embedded LEDs turn on when the hands touch to bring the heart pieces together
-  Works with touchscreen devices

-  A pair of gloves
           --> I used grey because I liked how it contrasted with the pink felt I had.
-  One sheet of felt
           --> I used pink. Can be found at most crafts stores. I bought mine at Michael's.
-  Regular thread
           --> I used white because the contrast looked nice against the pink and grey.
           --> Embroidery thread would work best, but I didn't have any, so I used normal sewing thread.
-  Conductive Thread
           --> You can buy this through sparkfun.com or adafruit.com.
           --> I prefer the bobbin thread as I find it isn't as stiff as the other thread they sell.
-  Lilypad Coin Cell Battery Holder
           --> If you want the ability to turn on/off your project, these battery holders have built in switches.
-  3V Coin Cell Battery
-  2 3mm Red LEDs
-  Needle(s)
-  Pins
-  Scissors
-  Pen/Pencil


Step 1: Trace and Cut Out the Heart

Step 1
Trace out a heart with a pen or pencil on your felt on only one side. The outside edges of this heart should reach slightly less than halfway into your palm (see next step for how it looks).

Step 2
Cut the heart directly down the middle.
<p>I've done the circuits! I tried being fancy and using conductive paint, but it's quite temperamental! I tried different types of conductive thread but it still only lights up whenever it feels like, any tips?? Help!</p>
<p>That's a very nice and inspiring idea. Thanks!</p>
For cute! &nbsp;You should enter this into the <a href="https://www.instructables.com/contest/holidaygifts2012">Holiday Gifts Contest</a>!
Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!! <br> <br>So adorable!
How cute!
Thanks!Its good idea for small present
It is! Especially if you make it with the embroidery thread, it's super easy to make. :)
I've seen these too! Happy to see step-by-step instructions for them :D

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