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This is an instructable on how to make a LED Handie. I call this a LED Handie because you can hold it in your hand without much effort and it's handy. You can use the Handie for anything that you want...A little decoration, a nifty little toy, something to spook your friends by hiding it in their shoe, stuff like that. This instructable doesn't cost much... You just need a LED pen (certain type...look at next step), paper clip, and some silly putty...

Step 1: What You Need

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All you need is:

1. A LED pen--find these at fundraisers, dollar store (i think), and online. Buy LED pen HERE

2. Large paper clip

3. Some silly putty or something sticky like that.
Nice Instructable!
:-). ya as stated below, use a resistor in ANY rig with LEDs cause it will make them last!
What the heck is a resistor? How do they work? Where can I buy one...I'm about to go to ACE hardware or Radio Shack for more LEDs so please tell me what they are!
Resistors drop the voltage down and limit how much current can go through.
Radio Shack's website has them, just ask someone at the store to see if they have them available in the store.

PS: I suggest that you figure out what size you need first. Here's a calculator to help you out.
Oh and I tried to put a resistor on but the LED battery holder is in the way of the LED light..
DonQuijote7 years ago
German people call 'Handy' a mobile phone..... odd, but i like it...
Cool instructable, but you should add in a resistor to prevent the LED from burning out quickly.