LED heart pasties speak for themselves. While they are not necessarily day-to-day wear, you will be glad you have them in your boudoir when that special occasions arises (or is in need of it). If you have sewing and electronic experience, these could easily be made in a few hours. Without this experience, consider it a weekend project. There is a pattern included for these pasties which can be scaled up or down to fit.

I made these for use with the Clap-Off Bra.

Step 1: Go Get Stuff

You will need:

Red fabric
Red thread
Black liner fabric
Conductive Thread
A 2032 coin battery
A few small bits of conductive fabric (I used zelt)
Two long and thing strips of neoprene
48 red LED beads*
Pattern (download below)

* You will need to make these yourself. I made these using Carley's LED Bead Jig.

<p>This is so awesome! Great battery holder! </p>
<p>With decent Led's(low,square) good Cosplay Dual-Omni Torch system .....</p>
I doubt a woman would get any resistance wearing these. ;-)
I really love these but can't figure out how to find the right LEDs to use. Where did you get them, before you turned them into beads?
Do you need any resistor?<br><br>Have a great day !:)

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