Picture of LED Holiday TuTu
How to get the cute geeks to talk to you at this year's holiday party?
A groovalicious eTextile blinky-blink party tutu!

SImple, fast, fun and effective eTextile project for just about anyone.

Step 1: Gather Your Parts

Picture of Gather Your Parts
IMG_3046 copy.jpg
TuTu - ready made or make one yourself
Aniomagic button schemer
Aniomagic lightboards - I ordered 3 sets of 5 light boards in Red, Green and White
Conductive thread - I used 4 ply stainless with 14 ohm resistance
3V battery
alligator clips

WHOA! thats hot for any holiday!
ax5 years ago
 You look absolutely great!!!
FUN and Funky! Love it
This is sweet - I did a similar project, but instead of leds, I used a solar powered string of lights. I was so glad not to need batteries. But then again, leds last a long time, anyway.
protocolZA5 years ago
Damn, i would even wear that ( yes, I am a Guy, but its just awesome! )
Lynne Bruning (author)  protocolZA5 years ago
Waiting for the pics!!
seriously - you can place these electronic parts in any piece of clothing, toy, hat whatever.  They are small, simple and most of all fun!  Give it a go, all the geeky girls will talk to you!  ;)
strangebike5 years ago
I love these ideas they really do make me want to make some myself but more for my wife then for me.
Awesome and super cute you've got great legs they really set off rara skirts
Lynne Bruning (author)  strangebike5 years ago
Happy that I can inspire you.
Lynne Bruning (author) 5 years ago
Thanks for the comments!

This project is so fun and simple its a great way to introduce kids to wearable electronics and basic programing. 

Have fun with it and enjoy sharing the light.

Love, love, love this; it's super cute!
wow what a great idea i love it! :D