Step 6: Look tutu fabulous for the holiday parties!

Picture of Look tutu fabulous for the holiday parties!
Yes, every geek large and small, girl and boy will want to talk to you!
Go ahead - loose control at the office party and spill a drink or two, 'cause this tutu can handle wetness.
Make a few for your girlfriends then go out torment the elves with your sassy ways.
What ever you do - be sure to have BIG fun this holiday season!

This tutu project will be on display Friday 18 December from 7 -10 p.m. at Mona Lucero's, 2544 15th Street in  Denver.  Please come visit and see how to make one for yourself!
WHOA! thats hot for any holiday!
FUN and Funky! Love it
protocolZA5 years ago
Damn, i would even wear that ( yes, I am a Guy, but its just awesome! )