DIY 42 LED Hula Hoop
Updated Feb 28: See my website for better pics and wiring diagrams.
42 led's in 1 hoop. With the flick of a switch you can have 21 led's of one color scheme, then flick to the other and have 21 led's of another. All inside a 3/4 inch pipe for faster hooping styles.

I started learning about this because my GF wanted a LED hula hoop for christmas. After seeing sites online selling them for $250+ for rechargeable ones.. I decided i could make it myself. Thanks to the tutorial on here and prodmod for the inspiration.

see more pics and videos of these on my site, ledhulahoop.com

purchase items needed or custom made hoops, ledhulahoop.com

Step 1: Supplies

Here is a list of supplies you will need. All my prices are in Canadian funds. You can get things a little cheaper from ebay and such. But this was all bought from local plumbing and electronics stores.
Supplies List
42 LEDS - $25.00
132" of 3/4" pipe - $20.00 for 20 ft.
1 x 3/4" pex coupler - $1.00
2 x 3/4" pex clamps - $0.50
60' x 22 ga Wire - $15.00 for 100 ft.
4 x AA NIMH rechargeable batteries - $18.00
1 x 6 volt battery charger - $15.00
1 x 1.75 x 4.75mm plug and dc Jack - $4.50
36 x 68 ohm resistor - $2.00 for 100
6 x 150 ohm resistor - $2.00 for 100
1 x Slide Switch DPDT on-off-on - $$9.00 for 10
1 x 22ga male and female tab connectors - $3.00 for 10 of ea.

Everything comes to around $80 - $85

Plus a few basic tools you may already have.
Tools List
Soldering Iron, Drill, Solder, file or sandpaper, Flux, Electrical tape, marker, glue, pipe cutter, String, Wire strippers, Bubble wrap, and a paper clip.

Hi there, <br>thank you very much for this instructable. I do not really have any idea about electrical things, so apologies if this question seems stupid....<br> I have been looking at instructions on how to make solar battery chargers (http://www.reuk.co.uk/Basic-4-AA-Solar-Battery-Charger-Plans.htm ) and was wondering if it is possible to use the same technique that you do with the dc jack somehow connecting to a solar panel? <br><br><br>Thank you!<br>
You don't show the - wire from the batteries in the diagram. Does it just connect to the - terminal on the DC jack?
will the batteries overcharge if you leave it plugged in for too long?<br />
NiMh batteries tolerate overcharging worse than most actually. Best to just take them off after a reasonable time.
Can you tell me exactly where you got the chargers?
I started this project today! So far, I have all the soldering done and all the LEDs taped :] I started to wrap the bubble wrap but I ran out haha so tomorrow I will finish! Thanks for the awesome directions!!! <br><br>I do have to say though that this one is taking FOREVER! I hope the next one will be a lot faster since I will have done one already. My friend was over helping me (he's an electrician) and it took us about 6 hours to get it where it is!
Very nice instructional, thanks for taking the time. I had a couple of questions which type of LED's should I use, 3mm or 5mm Also, are you using one type of resistor for each LED or are you using diffent types for each color? Any help would be great.
I have been using 5mm led's. I use different resistors for each LED. Since each LED has different voltages and amps needed to work. Some will burn out faster if too much is put through it. I added the link to the resistor calculator to step 2.
Thank you very much. That is kinda what I figured, but I am new to this stuff. Better safe than on fire. One other question.. Can you tell me anything about the charger you are using? I can't seem to find one anywhere. thanks again
Any Remote control car shop will have a variety of 4 cell chargers. ranging in price from $15 and up.. The one i use is the cheapest trickle charger. So you have to be sure not to leave it plugged in too long or it will wreck the batteries. But there are Smart chargers that will make the batteries last a little longer. They fast charger, then automatically drop to a very low trickle when they are full..
Hello! I'm am going to try to make your LED hoop!! But I had a question where in the world do you find the white tubing? Also how durable are this hoops..can they take a good beating? If you could get back to me that would be great..THANKS!
I just went to my local plumbing store.. asked the guy to let me walk around and foudn this product called Aquapex. It is very durable.. Almost the same specs as regular pex pipe. I am just playing with a new way to connect the pipe.. stay tuned.. trying to make a better collapsible idea.. so you can put the charger cord on the inside. less crap on the outside.
<a rel="nofollow" href="http://ledhulahoop.com">LED Hula Hoop</a> LED Hula Hoop If you have any questions please post them... <br/>or check out my Info section on my site, for some customers FAQ's. <br/>

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