UPDATE: This kit is discontinued please see the new version, 8 Channel LED Controller v.3, the development files are still available to build this version.

As simple a circuit as can be. A 12F675 controls a high-power shift register, which in turn controls up to 48 LEDs at 20ma per, (~120mA per channel) in 8 channels(groups),

Software controlled patterns create seamless effects from group to group. With 4-state greyscale ( 4 states of LED of brightness ) a vast amount of patterns/effects are possible.

It was designed to go along with my 8"x8" 32 LED Infinity Mirrors.

A Gallery of all my Infinity Mirrors

A single momentary-pushbutton cycles through the programmed patterns. Comes loaded with 5 patterns, and the ability to add more through re-writing the firmware.

Kits, Including 32 LEDs, colors buyer's choice, can be bought from my store  at www.ChromationSystems.com

More Updates and Info will be Posted to the 8 Channel LED Controller Webpage

The Eagle Schematics, PCB layout, and Source Code in Assembly can be purchased  all together in a Developer Package

UPDATE: Code in ASM is available for download below, or on the Main Website

The Schematic, HEX File, and Datasheet are in the ZIP below.

DISCLAIMER: Recreate this project at your own risk.

Step 1: Parts

UPDATE: This kit is discontinued please see the new version, 8 Channel LED Controller v.3

To Purchase a Full Kit with all the parts, including 32 5mm LEDs. Visit my Store
Also Available with no LEDs Here

Layout all the Parts: 
- programmed 12F675 Buy One
- 8 pin socket
- PCB Buy One
- 8 Position Screw-Down Terminal, with 0.1" (DIP) spacing
- TPIC6C596, high power shift register
- 0.1uf Capacitor
- 16 pin socket
- 10k 1/4w resistor (Brown, Black, Orange)
- 8  resistors, value depends on LED Color Approx: 20 - 40 ohm
- 32 LEDs, choice of colors
- board mount momentary push-button ( kit comes with an extra panel-mount button )
- scrap of perfboard
- Dual-Strand wire, 22 ga
- ~2" of solid strand for jumping
- 5 volt, 600ma+ PSU Optional: with barrel Jack Buy One

Optional: ( supplied with the Kit )
- panel mount DC jack
- PSU with correct DC Plug

- Soldering Iron

Isn't it against some rule to charge for a part of the Instructable?
You don't have to buy anything to recreate this, the schematic and HEX file are in the ZIP on step 1. If someone wants the Eagle Files or the Source code, they can be purchased.
how to wire the leds anode cathode
whers is the anode cathode connected<br>
Awesome !!!
Oh My God! My wife and I were just talking about looking for one of these mirrors a couple of days ago. I had the image of these burned in my brain from childhood for some reason. I saw one as a child and have been amazed by them ever since. I know that is weird but hey, everyone has that childhood memory of something that amazed them as a child. Thanks for posting this and all your projects are great! Now I can make an awesome Coffee Table.

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