Introduction: LED Installation by Myself and How You Can Do It Too

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You can see that there is almost no light without the led.

Step 1: After Installation

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For installation I drilled a whole in the socket and ran the wire to the desired place and it looked pretty neat too.see the after image.

Step 2: That's It

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You just have to connect the wire to the wire of the 12 converter which will hide inside the led.thank you.


RyanK44 (author)2016-02-11

If the 12v converter is hiding where the led is, then here's a quick list detailing why someone shouldn't attempt this:
1) you've got wires coming out of the front of an electrical box and into your living space carrying somewhere between 110-240V Ac depending on where you live
2) those wires are also pinched between the cover plate and the edge of the box.
3) one slight tug and the insulation could be cut on those thin little wires causing it to short out (especially if the box is metal)
4)this will likely blow the breaker and in addition, depending on the exact circumstances, will likely cause any or all of the following:
a) produce a bunch of sparks, b) zap you with mains voltage - enough to cause heart fibrillation (stop your heart) and/or c) cause those puny wires to heat up and start a fire. Also any liquid splashed above the switch plate will now run down the wall and into he opening you've provided for it.

There's a reason an Electrician has to go to school to do what they do...

bhalliday (author)2016-01-17

this isn't an ible it's a gallery

Arduino777 (author)bhalliday2016-01-17

I can't get you

J to the T (author)Arduino7772016-01-18

It is just a bunch of pictures. I think what we are looking for is something like a list of what materials and tools you used and photos of how to make the connections and prepare the materials for the project. Then some sort of conclusion and advice you learned from making it?

Arduino777 (author)J to the T2016-01-19

there is nothing to it.its just like wiring up am led with a battery

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