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Who doesn't love LED throwies? And who can resist adorable sea creatures? I've combined the two to create LED Jellies!

This Instructable will show you how to make a jellyfish shaped casing for LED Throwies that you can stick to any metal surface. The Throwies are easily removable so you can 'refill' the Jelly and use it over and over.

*They might be cute, but remember to keep them far away from computers, credit cards, monitors, etc to avoid damage from the magnets*

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
To make a single Jelly you will need...


* Quilt Batting - you can find this by the yard or buy a roll at the fabric store. I used 1/4" low-loft polyester batting.

* Sheer Fabric - I'm using bubble organza which is nice to work with and doesn't fray too much. You could also use tulle or any fabric with some translucency.

* Ribbon - choose a fun ribbon for the tentacles. I found some funky stuff in the Walmart clearance aisle that had some sparkly & tulle strips woven in.

* Plastic Bubble - I don't know what the technical term is, I think it is 'toy capsule'. You get them from the toy dispensers in supermarkets and arcades, and could probably order in bulk online.

* (2) 3V Lithium Coin Cell Batteries - the LED Throwie Instructable recommends CR2032, but I am using CR1616 because they are nice and tiny.

* (3) Rare-Earth Magnets - I found some 'super strong' magnets at the craft store.

* (2) 10mm Diffused LEDs - If you don't have/can't find anything but clear, then check out this Instructable that shows you how to sand the surface.


* Pliers

* Hot Glue Gun

* Scissors

* Needle/Pins

* Thread (match color to your fabric)

* Marker

* Tape - strapping tape is best, I only had packing tape when making this.

darnellhall1 month ago

awesome stuff

inkbladder1 year ago
This is way cool, and perfect for working on with kids. Thanks for sharing.
chogg138933 years ago
Awesome doing this for my science project! God im such a nerd <3
blacklove4 years ago
How do you turn them of?
I am so thinking about making a huge version of this for Halloween with el wire for the tentacles. Thanks for the tut.
I think if the tentacles were thinner and stiff, like like antennae, then these would look like the tree spirits from "Avatar"...

The jellyfish look fantastic.
OMG! You're so right!
pie R []ed5 years ago
 This is really cool! I'd love to have these all around my house
the_gella (author)  pie R []ed5 years ago
Depending on the LEDs you use, they can cast quite a bit of light. That would be awesome to have a big swarm of them all around the house. You could make a glowing wall with them!
 I love it!

It would be great to string this along my kid niece's bedroom ceiling with a plugin hook up and a switch. At least, that would be my claim for making it... Then I'd keep it for my self. >.>
the_gella (author)  PatchIsCooking5 years ago
Great idea! I've seen tiny plastic bubbles that are around 1", making a string of little jellies would be adorable.
 Ooh, yes! A mix of larger jellies higher up, and then little jellies dangling down.
sarahfish5 years ago
Kiteman5 years ago
This is a nice mod of the original idea.

What we need now is a waterproof version to float in your swimming pool...

the_gella (author)  Kiteman5 years ago
Definitely! I think the plastic bubbles could be sealed up pretty easily, and changing the fabric out for some plastic would be awesome.

I was out and about in the rain last night and kept wanting to stick them up on things, weatherproof is the way to go.
There are quite a few excellent waterproofing sprays on the market that are very kind to fabric, too.  I'd suggest after sealing the bubbles that you spray some around any seals as an added precaution and to add an extra layer of insulation (good protection against moisture).  This has worked well with homemade or repaired floating pond lights.
I'm rather tempted to make some of these - my kid sis is terrified of jellyfish...and they look very cool too.
Kaiven Kiteman5 years ago
That would be amazing at night time!
ChrysN5 years ago
They look awesome!
zascecs5 years ago
 What a great idea! I als agree with Kiteman's idea of making them waterproof.