Picture of LED Jellyfish
This is my take on Elemental LED's Jellyfish Lamp. (See the link below)

It measures 11cm across the dome and is about 20cm tall.

You will need:

-Glue Sticks and Hot Glue Gun
An Old Pen
-Fibrous strands of plastic (Fibre Optics)
-Soldering Iron and Soldering Wire
-Deodorant Can Top/Cap
-Electrical Tape
-Bubble Wrap
-Wire Cutters/Wire Strippers
-Clear tape
-A Clear Plastic 2L Soft Drink Bottle
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Step 1: Make the Shell

Picture of Make the Shell
For this step, cut the bottom of a 2 Litre bottle off and, using a soldering iron, create slits around the 5 protrusions as shown. DO NOT go all the way through the edge, but rather stop about 5mm above. This ring is important for the structure of the jellyfish. After you have done all 5, push them inwards until they look right. Glue in place with hot glue.

Optional: When done with this, sand the top of the dome with fine sandpaper as this will give it a blurry effect.

Step 2: Insert LEDs

Picture of Insert LEDs
My LEDs had to first be taken out of a casing, but once you've got yours, fill about 1 cm of the centre (inside) of the dome with hot glue. Leave space enough for one LED bulb to be placed off centre in the dome, but bent to face it.

Glue an LED into this gap and bend the prongs towards the centre.

Next, add a lump of glue on the opposite side in the dome and glue another LED on top of it. do the same procedure with the prongs as the first LED. This LED should face downward toward the centre.

Solder wires to the prongs accordingly, you will need 4 wires, about 23cm long.
Thanks for the awesome design! I've been working on a jellyfish lamp for a few weeks and I was going to use a different style for my jellies but yours has given me some fresh ideas. Hopefully I'll be able to incorporate this style into my final design. I'll post my completed lamp when I finally finish it!
Cool. And Good Luck!
That poor soldering iron :(
awesomecreations (author)  camtheman12832 years ago
It's fine, but it has gotten revenge on my fingers a few times already.
awesomecreations (author) 2 years ago
I used a black deodorant cap so it is less visible at night and makes the jellyfish appear to be floating
awesomecreations (author) 2 years ago
A cool bonus is that if the wires are placed loosely against the batteries and speakers are on near it, the wires vibrate and the jellyfish lights up with the sound and flashes.
awesomecreations (author) 2 years ago
I made it with 2 separate switches, so I can switch on the blue or red LED or I can switch both on.